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May 16, 2022

Minutes are below.

For PDF Format, click here.

Regular Monthly Meeting Meeting at Cherry Hill High School East

Jeff Adams called the meeting to order at 7:00PM


Jeff Adams
Tim Keleher
Jim Glass
Jenny Yuan Xiaojun
Dorit Bannett

Approval of minutes from last meeting on April 11, 2022

Music Report

Upcoming planned activities (pending any possible Covid restrictions):
•    May 17    Chamber Concert
•    May 19    Choral Concert
•    May 22    Dancing with the Cherry Hill Stars at West auditorium
•    May 25 & 26    Band concerts

•    May 26    Jazz and Orchestra Concert

•    June 18    Jazz Standard Group invited to perform at Juneteenth @ Croft Farm

•    June 22 11:30 am    Band & Choir to perform at Graduation

Membership Report

1 new Silver Membership

Treasurer’s Report

  • Earned to date     $8,516

  • Expenses to date     $10,615

Other Business

•    Senior Recognition – To provide the 6 scholarships, same as last year.
•    Recognition of all Seniors in the various Music programs at respective concerts
•    Will do T Shirt sale of approx. 40 shirts from prior years (*except 21/22 year)
To sell for $5 each, need cash box for change
•    Contest winner selected for T-Shirt design for next year – gift card to be awarded @ concert
•    Jeff Adams completed Ad book with Senior page & Achievements, several ads were placed.
• was shut down and all videos were taken down to archive.

Adjournment/Next Meeting

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

  • Meetings take place at East on third Monday of the month

  • Next meeting is 7 pm, Monday July 18, 2022, at Dorit Bannett’s house.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorit Bannett

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