This calendar works best in Chrome. It MAY NOT work properly in Safari.

Click on an event to see more details. Clicking on “more details” probably will not reveal any more details…we think all details are displayed just by clicking on the event title.


If you wish to put this calendar into your own calendar, you must first create a Google account (if you don’t already have one). At the bottom of the calendar on the right side is a button that says “+Google Calendar”. Push this button and it will add the calendars you are viewing to your google account calendar, and you will then be viewing your google calendar. If you wish to have this calendar in something other than Google, then follow these next steps. In your google calendar, on the left side is a list of all calendars. Under the heading “Other calendars” should be listed the calendar you just added (“chorale”, “beginning cadets”, etc). If not, click on “Other calendars”. Then click on the arrow to the right of the calendar you want (“chorale”, “advanced cadets”, etc). This then allows you to choose from some options – click on “Calendar Settings”. Now, towards the bottom is “Calendar Address:”. Click on one of the buttons listed here to use with the application you want. You will need to get information from your calendar application to find out what to do at that point.

Updated 9/11/2020

Marching Band Calendar