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April 17, 2023

Regular Monthly Meeting held at Cherry Hill East Band Room

Jeff Adams called the meeting to order at 7:00PM


Jeff Adams 
Tim Keleher 
Tracy Hoffman 
Linda Collazo
Myra Ortega 
Dorit Bannett 
Jenny Xiaojun

Approval of minutes from last meeting on March 20, 2023

Music Report

Upcoming planned activities:

  • Instrumental

    • Jazz –March 31 – End of Competitive Festival – Bensalem Cavalcade – Jazz band performed well earning several awards.

    • Symphony Orchestra – May 12 to Council Rock South

    • Marching Band – starting to recruit for next year and setting up 2023 schedule

    • 5/24/23 Band Concert

    • 5/25/22 Orchestra & Jazz Bands

  • Choral

    • 4/22/23 7-10 pm Coffee House

      • Boosters asked to help with coverage, not being livestreamed

      • They arrive at 11 am to decorate, need coverage from 3-5:30 – (Myra volunteered)

      • Need coverage from 5:30 until the end to handle credit cards, popcorn and oversight.

      • Dorit will stay with several student volunteers

    • 5/18/23 7:30 pm Choral Concert


  • Membership: No new members added this month: 

Treasurer’s Report

  • Fiscal Year starts July 1, 2022

  • Expenses to date $ 3,439 (with several large invoices still outstanding.

  • Earned to date $10,435

Other Business

  • Jeff requested assistance with

    • Social media – posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

    • Jenny will handle Facebook and Tracy will handle Instragram and Twitter

    • Preparing Flyers – Myra will assist.

    • Communication via mail chimp – Tracy will assist

    • Jenny will handle Facebook and Tracy will handle Instragram and Twitter

    • Program / Ad book for Concert – need volunteers to help put together for Ads and Shout Outs

    • Jeff has already formatted file, Myra offered to assist.

  • Ads are placed through the website

    • Shout out - $5 per 100 characters

    • Premium members get free space

    • New T shirt for next year – contest posted with 5/7/23 deadline. Need $50 gift card to present to winner.

  • Senior Scholarships for June Graduation – will need to prepare checks.

  • Senior gifts to be available for after Choral, band and orchestra concerts – need senior headcounts.

Adjournment/Next Meeting

  • Meeting adjourned at 8 PM

  • Next meeting is 7 pm, Monday May 15, 2023, at Cherry Hill East in the band room.

Respectfully submitted,
Dorit Bannett

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